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Up to the Last Drop

a film brought to you by the WAKE UP EUROPE Festival – in Turin, across Europe and online

At a time when Europe is going through a crisis that is not solely economic but also a crisis of moral values, millions of European citizens demand a response to a crucial question: is water for the European Union a commercial product or a human right?

The Secret Water War in Europe

The EU has still to recognize water as a human right, as the UN did in 2010. At the same time, cities, regions and countries all around the world are increasingly rejecting the water privatization model they had adopted for years and are remunicipalizing services in order to take back public control over water and sanitation management.

Although Berlin and Paris have recently taken back public control over their water services, the financial and political European elites are demanding from Greece, Portugal and Ireland to privatize their public water systems. Provisions about water can be found in every M.o.U, Greece, Ireland and Portugal have signed with the Troika and it’s a common stipulation provided in every bailout agreement signed between the debt-ridden countries and their lenders.

Up To The Last Drop follows the money and the corporate interests during a period of four years in thirteen cities of six EU countries. It’s a documentary film about water that reflects contemporary European values and the quality of the current European democracy.

Up the Last Drop Film Still - Water Protestors

Written & Directed by: Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Producers: Yorgos Avgeropoulos & Anastasia Skoubri
Co-Producers: Claudia Bucher, Michele Ray Gavras, Depi Vrettou
Camera: Vasilis Mourikis, Yiannis Avgeropoulos, Alexis Barzos, Alexis Oikonomidis, Theofilos Dadis, Yiannis Chlebakos
Music by: Yiannis Paxevanis
Editing: Vassilis Tsoukalas, Argyris Konstandinidis
2D/3D Motion Graphics: Vasilis Magos
A Small Planet production in coproduction with ARTE G.E.I.E, ERT & KG PRODUCTIONS © 2017

Up to the Last Drop Film Still - Protest against Troika

Festival theme: austerity and inequality in Europe

If the refugee crisis tested Europe’s humanitarian credentials as never before, the fallout from 2008 financial crash and the Eurozone crisis tested its reputation as the foundation of shared prosperity. With austerity measures in Greece and beyond exacerbating youth unemployment, the erosion of public services and standards of living across the board gave succour to movements beyond the traditional centre of politics. Many came together around the Eurozone Troika’s imposition of privatization. Over the same period, costs of living and gentrification in many of the continent’s largest cities have created a new precarious generation, wracked by poverty and debt and lacking the social contract and opportunities once available to their parents. Is Europe capable of restoring prosperity and equal opportunities for its most vulnerable people: the young and the elderly?

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