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Europe is at sea

Europe is facing not a crisis of refugees and migrants, but a crisis of solidarity, a crisis of values.

As the world experiences its greatest insecurity since the end of the Cold War, EU leaders have failed to respond to the migration crises effectively and with humanity. Their response to the millions of refugees flowing into Europe has been uncoordinated, ineffective and, at times, immoral.

What can you do?


Get educated on the issues and challenge your assumptions. We think these resources are a great start...

These Vice News Graphics give a great overview of refugee flows globally.

Check out MSF’s Top Tens: Facts you need to know about Europe’s ‘Migrant Crisis’.

This ‘In A Nutshell’ animation explains The European Refugee Crisis and Syria.

Find out about the EU Immigration Rules in 90 Seconds with this BBC short.

Can politicians solve the refugee crisis? This podcast looks for answers.

Find out why Shifting Rescue to Libya Risks Lives with this Human Rights Watch article.


Debate, discuss and argue your ideas.

Discuss your ideas with experts, policy makers and citizens all over Europe with Debating Europe. Give your answers to the question ‘Why are Europeans so scared of refugees?

Host a film screening of Europe at Sea and debate the questions it raises. We will support you every step as you organise your event.

There are lots more great documentaries on migration you could organise debates around, here’s a few of our favourites:

Fishers of Men follows the Catrambones family as they set up MOAS, an NGO conducting search and rescue missions along the world’s deadliest migration routes.

Directed and narrated by model and activist Lily Cole, Lights in Dark Places documents life in a refugee camp in the Greek island of Samos.

Short film We Walk Together follows a Strain refugee family’s journey to the heart of Europe.


Thought and debate are vital, but not enough. Now is the time to act.

When it comes to migration, our leaders have failed. Let’s demand better. Below are a few ideas for how you can affect change and improve the lives of migrants.

Join Amnesty’s call for the EU to accept refugees across Europe and for an end to the EU-Turkey Statement. You can also sign their petition to put lives first, save lives at sea and offer refugees the protections that are our legal and moral obligation.

Write to your representative to demand that refugee families are reunited. We love Oxfam’s #standasone Postcard Protest.

Need help? In collaboration with The Good Lobby, we can offer guidance and training on how to influence government and EU institutions and campaign for change.

No one deserves to die at sea. MOAS saves lives along the world’s deadliest migration routes and they are looking for fundraising activists like you.

Does your activism need support? Get in touch.

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