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Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 15.12.15 in Brexit, Democracy
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On 10 November, David Cameron sent a letter to European Council president Donald Tusk, finally setting out his demands for renegotiation of the terms of British membership in the EU. But Tusk believes that an agreement cannot be reached at this week’s European Council. In his own letter to EU leaders on 7 December, Tusk […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 14.12.15 in Resilience
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Historic #ParisAgreement success for @EUClimateAction – and now “Let’s get to work” Those working on European issues are not always great at communication. Twitter’s limit of 140 characters does not play to their strengths; 140 pages is more their style. But this tweet from Climate-KIC, the Commission-funded initiative to promote EU’s climate innovation, accurately sums up what happened in […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 11.12.15 in Openness
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I’ve always had a strong European identity.  My father’s work for the European institutions resulted in my family moving from one European country to another. No nationality could particularly define where I felt I came from. The only stable factor in my sense of identity was a sense of being European. So when, as a university […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 08.12.15 in Brexit, Democracy
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This is not because the British Prime Minister has become an advocate of Brexit. It still feels safe to assume that the leader of the Conservative Party wants, in his heart of hearts, to keep Britain in the EU. No, the real worry is the way he is going about achieving that goal. Once the […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 06.12.15 in Openness, Resilience
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Both before and especially since the terrorist atrocities in Paris on November 13th, combative or enforced secularism has often been cited as one of the main reasons for the violent hatred manifested in the attacks. Some observers identify the roots of Islamist extremism in France in the ban of the hijab (veil) in 2004, seeing […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 01.12.15 in Resilience
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World leaders have gathered in Paris for the annual UN climate summit, which this year coincides with the 11th session of the meeting of parties of the Kyoto Protocol. US President Barack Obama is there, as is Chinese President Xi Jinping. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius chairs the summit. 

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 01.12.15 in Openness, Resilience
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That, according to analysts from Europe and from the Gulf countries is the ideal four-point plan to delight the strategists of Daesh, the so-called Islamic State, following the Paris atrocities of November 13th. This is how to make them feel that they have triumphed. Wake Up Europe has been attending a major conference in Bahrain […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 17.11.15 in Resilience
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Understandably, President Francois Hollande says that France is “at war” with ISIS, and has asked the rest of the European Union to stand by its side, invoking Article 42.7 of the EU’s treaty which says that all EU countries have “an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power” to any […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 16.11.15 in Resilience
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Another memory, from another atrocity, that of the bombings in the London transport system in July 2005, is of how despite the shock and surprise at what had happened, the truest fact was that it should not really have been a surprise at all. The much larger bombings the previous year at the Atocha Station […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 11.11.15 in Democracy
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In his speech Cameron referred to the need to curb access to in-work benefits for EU migrants stating that 43 per cent claim benefits of some sort in the first four years they are in the country. The figure was immediately seized by a number of experts disputing the methodology used. Full Fact, an independent […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 03.11.15 in The Great European Disaster Movie

When Italian director Annalisa Piras started shooting The Great European Disaster Movie, the hard-hitting documentary drama exploring the crises besieging Europe, all was not well in Europe. But she is definitely not surprised by how much the situation has deteriorated since. “We made the film because we could already see the edge of the cliff that we […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 28.10.15 in Openness
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We founded Italian Kingdom only six months ago. I have lead a creative agency in London for some time and  wanted to use my experience in photography to tell the stories of Italian expats, the story of our people, a kingdom of Italians living in the UK. According to the Italian daily La Stampa, there are 250,000 […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 26.10.15 in Openness
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This article was originally published on Britaly Post  People are asking whether the EU can really function and make decisions on issues like the refugee flows, but above all they are wondering what the point of the EU is if it cannot deal with collective problems like this. A British-Italian team has now launched an initiative […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 20.10.15 in Openness
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On October 25th nearly a million Poles living in the United Kingdom will be voting in the Polish parliamentary elections from polling stations across Britain. Our vote on what happens back home is very likely to make or break our relationship with the EU. This is because the biggest opposition party, Law and Justice, which […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 12.10.15 in Openness
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I love shooting personal photography projects, and I make sure to put aside time for them between my commercial and editorial assignments. A couple of years ago, moved by frustration about the one-sided immigration debate in the UK, I decided to explore the lives of a group of British people living in Spain, to bring […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 30.09.15 in Knowledge
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Former editor-in-chief of The Economist Bill Emmott exec produced The Great European Disaster Movie and is the chair of the Wake Up Foundation which created Wake Up Europe! This article, announcing the birth of the campaign, was originally published on Politico.

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