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Posted by: InFacts in Brexit
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Brexit secretary’s fanciful claims that Article 50 deal can be ratified after March 2019 shows contempt for Parliament and risks havoc.

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 06.10.17 in Knowledge
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Wake Up Foundation Chairman Bill Emmott debated live on Twitter yesterday with Wake Up Europe! activists across the world. We were delighted by how many of you joined the discussion on Europe’s Summer of Elections. With votes coming up in France, Germany, Italy, Austria and the UK the chat was lively and evolved into wider issues […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 06.10.17 in Democracy
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Put simply, President Macron will need to make France an easier, more dynamic place in which to create and expand businesses, so as to increase employment and wages, while at the same time providing an increased sense of security and equal participation to citizens of all ages. Fortunately, he considers Europe as France’s friend, not […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 25.05.17 in Knowledge, News
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WUF invites you to debate Europe’s summer of elections with our Chairman Bill Emmott and Wake Up Europe! activists across the continent. Bill will be discussing Europe’s summer of elections in a Twitter live Q&A on Wednesday 31 May from 13:00-13:30BST. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #wakeupeurope, you can also submit questions for Bill in […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 17.05.17 in News

Europe needs your help. In all its nations, a battle between hope and anger is under way, as France’s election has shown. This summer we will be relaunching Wake Up Europe with a new film and to campaign for the reforms needed to restore Europe’s core values. Your ideas, your energy and your support will […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 07.05.17 in Democracy
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It counts as a huge relief to anyone who believes in liberty, the open society and European collaboration. But the election of Emmanuel Macron as France’s president, welcome as it is, does not mean that the moment of “peak populism” has passed in either Europe or America. The despair and disillusion that persuaded fully 35% […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 05.05.17 in News
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In the coming weeks, citizens across Europe will go to the polls in some of the most significant elections for generations. In France, the far-right Front National has once again made it to the second round run-off of the Presidential elections. Much of their support comes from young people, making the prospect of a Le Pen […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 02.05.17 in Democracy

No election has been more important for the future of Europe, and perhaps the world, than this one, as our Director Bill Emmott explains. We have selected five of the best infographics that make sense of the first-round election results, current polling and their implications. We’d love to hear what you think 1. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 26.04.17 in Democracy
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Huge efforts can be expected to try to discredit the 39-year-old leader and founder of En Marche (“Forward”), the movement that during the past year has surprised the nation through its vigour, popular appeal and rapid growth. Social media, in the use of which the Front National has proved adept, will be buzzing with stories, […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 11.02.17 in Democracy
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Since Martin Schulz, former president of the European Parliament, became leader of Merkel’s coalition partner, the centre-left Social Democratic Party, a little more than two weeks ago, the SDP has surged in the opinion polls, even in some polls overtaking Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democrats/Christian Social Union group. Novelty is a powerful force in politics. So […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 18.01.17 in Brexit
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​ It is a gamble, but a logical one. Even last summer, Mrs May had indicated that her priorities were to put limits on EU freedom of movement into Britain and to end all jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK. That requires Britain to leave the single market, since European laws govern that market […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 10.01.17 in Democracy, Resilience
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De Gaulle wasn’t really a collaborative believer in European solidarity. After all, he notoriously held the young European Community to ransom in the mid-1960s by boycotting meetings in order to foster his own vision of an intergovernmental, rather than supranational, Europe. He was what Donald Trump might call a “France Firster”. But still, he wanted […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 14.12.16 in Democracy
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The long, slow fuse on Italy’s time-bomb has been lit. The crushing defeat of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s constitutional reform proposals in the national referendum on 4th December has left the whole country—indeed the whole of Europe—wondering whether the anti-euro Five Star Movement might soon come to national power. Five Star, the internet-based political party […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 05.12.16 in Democracy
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Neither reaction is sound, at least not for the longer term. The battle to save Europe is on. Winning it requires sobriety and determination, not sentimentality. Matteo Renzi had failed. That is why he lost his referendum, with the “no” camp made up both of pro-Europeans and of the sort of young, university-educated professionals that […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 27.11.16 in Democracy, News
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The time-bomb has been laid by Italy’s young, reformist prime minister, Matteo Renzi. The potential trigger is the referendum he has called for December 4th on reforms to the country’s constitution. The explosive content is that his fiercest and strongest opposition, the Five Star Movement, is also young, reformist, and wants a referendum held on Italy’s […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 14.11.16 in Brexit, Openness
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It is always useful in politics to define your enemies carefully and clearly. The public – and your own Cabinet – can learn as much from a clear definition of what you are against as from any efforts to outline a positive narrative. The implication of wishing to be “the strongest global advocate for free […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 09.11.16 in News

Muddling through, the constant refrain of the complacent, must be rejected, wholeheartedly. To rely on gradualism, incremental reforms, kicking cans down the road, is to make collapse ever likelier. Just as after the Brexit referendum on June 23rd, the happiest people on the European continent now will be President Vladimir Putin and Marine Le Pen. […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 21.10.16 in Brexit
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If she wants it to be smooth for business as well as government, let us hope she paid close attention to a paper presented earlier this week to her cabinet’s Brexit committee that, according to the Guardian, outlined the distinctly un-smooth consequences if Britain decides to leave the EU’s customs union. One of the main arguments […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 27.06.16 in Brexit, News

Dear Mr Tusk In our drama-documentary The Great European Disaster Movie, we warned that Europe was sleep-walking towards disaster. We take no pleasure at all in pointing out that much of what we foretold in the film is now coming true. The decision of the UK to leave the EU is not a scene from our […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 24.06.16 in Brexit, News, The Great European Disaster Movie
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The great European disaster is unfolding. We take no pleasure in seeing the nightmarish vision portrayed as fiction in The Great European Disaster Movie becoming fact. The message of that film and of our Wake Up Europe campaign is, however, more important than ever: that we must wake up all European citizens to fight to […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 24.06.16 in The Great European Disaster Movie

The message of that film and of our Wake Up Europe campaign is, however, more important than ever: that we must wake up all European citizens to fight to defend the values that the European Union stands for – peace, openness, tolerance, equal human rights, solidarity. Those values are in danger. For the European Union […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 23.06.16 in Brexit
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First of all, according to Politico, a lot of European nations fear that Brexit would lead to calls for other popular votes in their respective countries. This is true for Sweden, with the “Eurosceptic Swedish Democrats party calling for a referendum on migration, which has been a controversial issue in the country. Many fear a Brexit could fuel their […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 22.06.16 in Brexit

For this reason, they were right to expect an electoral campaign that would meet the gravity of what is at stake, with advocates of both Leave and Remain making an effort to inform voters. Both views are legitimate, and there is no shortage of arguments supporting each side. As for us, we would prefer a comfortable victory for Remain, […]

Posted by: Daniel Pomlett on 21.06.16 in Brexit, News

A similar sentiment is rapidly emerging on the continent, with a growing sense that an important part of Europe’s own future is in the hands of a small fraction of its electorate. Europe’s fear is not only of a potential domino effect deriving from a Brexit vote, but of the loss of a powerful voice […]

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