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Posted by: Christopher Silver on March 4, 2019 on 04.03.19 in EP2019Vote, Europe At Sea, Knowledge, The WAKE UP EUROPE Festival, Wake Up Europe!

Ever since the first European Parliament elections in 1979, turnout has been on the decline. But in 2019, the contest is set to be particularly fierce. Indeed, the vote may come to determine the course of the European Union at an absolutely crucial moment in its history. Here at Wake Up Europe, we’ve decided to take a look at five big issues set to dominate the elections, and ask how more people can become engaged in what is arguably the largest democratic exercise in the world.

Posted by: Bill Emmott on September 14, 2018 on 14.09.18 in Girlfriend in a coma, Girlfriend In a Coma 2012, innovation, Knowledge, News, Openness

  It is rare to find a business leader who has sharp, reflective, worthwhile thoughts about the world beyond their own business and sector. But Sergio Marchionne was that rare exception. This interview, filmed when Annalisa Piras and I were making “Girlfriend in a Coma” in 2011/12, showed him at his absolute best: his observations […]

Posted by: Ipsos Mori in Brexit, Democracy, Fake News, Knowledge, News

A major new Ipsos study of over 19,000 people in 27 countries highlights how we think fake news, filter bubbles and post-truth are things that affect other people, much more than ourselves.

Posted by: Debating Europe in Resilience
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Chosen as their book of the month for June, Debating Europe interview Bill Emmott, former Editor-in-Chief of The Economist, about his book, ‘The Fate of the West: The Battle to Save the World’s Most Successful Political Idea’.

Posted by: Annalisa Piras on May 18, 2018 on 18.05.18 in Uncategorized

Are you passionate about writing, European politics, journalism, civic society movements, creating engaging content with a cause that inspires and engages readers?  Are you interested in working in an innovative, fun, educational charity which uses films to connect and inspire young audiences across Europe? If you answered yes then read on… Wake Up! There’s an […]

Posted by: Hugo Dixon - InFacts on November 28, 2017 on 28.11.17 in Brexit, News

May is starting to see EU’s value in time of Putin and Trump. But we won’t be as able to stand up for our interests if Brexit goes ahead.

Posted by: Stefanie Bolzen - Die Welt on November 12, 2017 on 12.11.17 in News

Die EU-Außenbeauftragte Mogherini verteidigt die Arbeit der Marinemission „Sophia“: Die Seenotrettung auf dem Mittelmeer ziehe keine Zuwanderer an. Sie nennt außerdem auch konkrete Zahlen.

Posted by: Fan Carpet on November 12, 2017 on 12.11.17 in News

Can Europeans find a safer course in the global disorder? Springshot Productions and Journeyman Pictures are thrilled to announce that its current affairs 60’ documentary “Europe At Sea” will be launched 1st December 2017 for broadcast, on Amazon and additional platforms. Written, Produced and Directed by Annalisa Piras and executive produced by Claudia Bucher (Arte G.E.I.E) and Axel Arno (SVT), “Europe At Sea” had […]

Posted by: Max Traeger on November 12, 2017 on 12.11.17 in News

Annalisa Piras è una giornalista e regista italiana che vive da molti anni a Londra, dove è stata corrispondente dell’Espresso e de La7. Come regista ha firmato due pluripremiati documentari, da lei scritti e diretti (in collaborazione con l’ex-direttore dell’Economist Bill Emmott): “Girlfriend in a Coma” sull’Italia del Berlusconismo (ma non solo) e “The Great […]

Posted by: Daniela Vincenti - on November 12, 2017 on 12.11.17 in Brexit

Filmmaker Annalisa Piras has completed a new documentary in which she followed for more than a year the EU’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, and her efforts to shape the EU’s foreign policy and devise a response to the migrant crisis.

Posted by: Hugo Dixon - InFacts on November 12, 2017 on 12.11.17 in Brexit

John Kerr, the peer who drafted Article 50, says we don’t have to leave the EU if we don’t want to. We imagine the letter a future prime minister writes to Donald Tusk, the EU Council president, explaining that we’ll stay after all.

Posted by: InFacts in Brexit
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It could be bitter break-up. But it could also be amicable. And given we’re starting to miss EU’s warm embrace, we might get back together.

Posted by: InFacts in Brexit
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Former deputy PM says we should stop clock on Brexit, then negotiate new role in EU. It is better to try to stop Brexit dead in its tracks.

Posted by: InFacts in Brexit
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Recent polling suggests Remainers who had accepted Brexit increasingly want to stay in EU. Strong arguments can help harden this stance.

Posted by: InFacts in Brexit, Openness
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Trade secretary used to trumpet comprehensive deal with US. Now he’s focusing on just services. Does he have a clue about what that means?

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