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THE FATE OF THE WEST: It’s in Our Hands

by Daniel Pomlett on May 5, 2017

In the coming weeks, citizens across Europe will go to the polls in some of the most significant elections for generations.

In the coming weeks, citizens across Europe will go to the polls in some of the most significant elections for generations.

In France, the far-right Front National has once again made it to the second round run-off of the Presidential elections. Much of their support comes from young people, making the prospect of a Le Pen Presidency feel more threatening than ever.

In the UK, a soaring victory for the Conservatives in June is all but guaranteed. A weak and divided opposition is proving incapable of challenging the government’s march towards a hard Brexit.

Earlier this month, we saw a Turkish referendum outcome that will secure Erdogan’s personal power for years to come, in a further blow to the country’s prospects.

In these countries and others, terrorist attacks continue to punctuate unfolding political events.

All across Europe, there is much to be angry about…

But there is reason for hope, too…

If Emmanuel Macron wins in France, it would be a major buck to the populist trend that has characterised Western politics in recent months. It would open up the chance both for renewal of France’s vitality and of the Franco-German relationship that has always proved essential for European collaboration.

For the decline of liberal democracies is not inevitable. As Bill Emmott argues in his new book, The Fate of the West, revival is eminently possible and even probable, as long as we all push for it. In the coming weeks, The Wake Up Foundation will be making extracts available online, and Bill will conduct discussions about the book’s arguments on our website, social media channels and at events. We would love you to be involved and will share details for participating soon.

Also we have an update on The Wake Up Foundation 2050 Index, an online resource we launched in January assessing countries’ future-readiness. Excitingly, we have news of Annalisa Piras’s new film on the migrant crisis, Europe at Sea, which will be the topic of a dedicated newsletter soon.

It is clear that The Wake Up Foundation’s mission is more important than ever.

We have big ambitions to grow our movement. We will shortly be launching a brand new website and we are working on some really exciting projects. We know you will be as fired up as we are by our plans. We’d love to hear from you about your own projects and your thoughts on our work, so do feel free to get in touch.

Our message is urgent: let’s keep raising our voices and Wake Up Europe!

Best wishes,

Bill and Annalisa

The Fate of the West

The Fate of the West

In Bill Emmott’s forward-thinking new book, The Fate of the West, he lays out the changes the West must make to revive itself now and thrive in a better future. In the coming weeks, The Wake Up Foundation will be making extracts available online, and Bill will conduct discussions about the book’s arguments on our website, social media channels and at events. Bill will explain why, in order to regain its strength, the West needs to be porous, open, and flexible – we invite you to join the conversation and will be in touch soon with details of how to get involved.

The Wake Up Foundation 2050 Index

The 2050 IndexWestern countries badly need to think more deeply about how to prepare themselves for the known trends of the 21st century, especially demography and technological innovation. The Wake Up Foundation 2050 Index  aims to encourage that thinking by comparing how future-proof rich western countries are now, and by writing regularly about economists’ own debates. We hope you will get the opportunity to check-out the Index and tell us what you think.

Europe at Sea

Europe at Sea

As the world experiences the greatest instability since the end of the Cold War, Europeans are increasingly filled with fear and insecurity. Is Europe able to protect itself against the challenges that are rising outside and within its borders? The migration crisis has highlighted how EU leaders are unprepared to tackle global phenomenons effectively. What will this mean for the future of 500 million citizens? Annalisa Piras’s new documentary, Europe at Sea, co-produced by ARTE, SVT, Sky Italia and Rai Cinema, follows the EU Foreign Policy and Security Chief Federica Mogherini in pursuit of answers . We look forward to telling you more about the film soon.

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