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Our Mission

Since 2013, we at Wake Up Europe have used the power of films to engage citizens from all over Europe in a conversation about the change we want to see in Europe. At over 150 screenings and debates we have met to discuss the future of our continent.

What is our mission? To use film screenings as collective moments to inspire people to think, talk and act to jointly protect and nurture the core European values of democracy, peace and prosperity.

Our most recent campaign brought award-winning filmmaker Annalisa Piras’ latest documentary Europe At Sea to screenings and lively debates across Europe, asking audiences to engage on Europe’s response to migration crises, humanitarian disasters, global insecurity, and the rise of new wars.

In May 2019 the first-ever WAKE UP EUROPE Festival will combine cutting-edge films, immersive media, journalism, live debate and music — all aimed at inspiring young Europeans to work out how we can tackle the common challenges we face together.

Latest addition to the festival: UP TO THE LAST DROP

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The first-ever WAKE UP EUROPE Festival – Day 1

At Turin, across Europe and online on 17 May 2019

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